FC Modena – Lets meet some new faces

Thank you for checking out the next instalment of Rise of the Fenix – FC Modena. If you have missed the previous parts please see part 1 and part 2.

Hernan Crespo stands in front of a packed press room at the Stadio Alberto Braglia. ” I am pleased to present to you some new faces to the club who will help us set new standards!”
Firstly i would like you to meet my captain, Stefano Mauri! Stefano will bring us strength and a wealth of knowledge in the Italian leagues. He also brings experience of playing for the Gialloblu back in 2001 to 2003. With Stefano I hope to forge a strong bond between our playing staff and our non playing staff.

Mauri capitano

I also would like to present to you four boys who have joined us on load from the respective parent clubs. These boy may be young but have massive potential in the game, I hope they grasp their opportunity at Modena. (R-L Davide Frattesi, Simone Pontisso, Alessandro Ahmetaj and Nicholas Pierini.)New boys
Also joining us we have (R-L, Michaelangelo Albertazzi, Eros Schiavon, Mame Thiam, Matteo Gabbia.)

More boys

I am also very happy to present and wish to thank for joining our project (R-L, Andrea Dossana, Arevalo ‘Edi’ Rios, Lucho Gonzalez and Rolando Bianchi.)

Old boys

Thank you for your time. I have a heavy training schedule with these boys to get them ready for our opening fixture. I also need to get back to the supermarket for more wine, cheese and a few more faces to complement these guys. Addio!