FC Modena – 2017/2018 Season wrap up.


We sit here today (9th May 2018 in game date) to celebrate Fc Modena and their first season as “il Fenice”. And what a marvellous season it has been.

Lega Pro Cup.

Simply put. We only went and bloody won the cup with our second eleven used throughout the competition. Our toughest battle was the quarter final between Piacenza. Who took us to hell and back by pushing us to extra time. The two legged final was all in our favour when we brought the second leg to the Stadio Alberto Braglia.

The Cup run

The presentation stage put a few holes in the pitch but for it to be us standing on it with the trophy in our hands the groundsman has forgiven us.

Cup winners - On Pitch

Lega Pro -Girona B

The aim of the game is to get more green dots than red and if you get yellow dots to not worry too much.
The two screenshots below are of the teams results in the league. As you can see we were no invincibles, we set about matching the media prediction of second, And hoped to work out any issues when we came across any sticky patches of form.

League schedule-runin

League schedule-runin2

We had an amazing final run in that saw us go from trailing US Triestina by three points for a long period to eventually winning the title by six points.


The final table shows that we only conceded 18 goals in 36 matches. And that we scored 63 in those matches too. Using Cheryl Cole’s favourite line “I Thoroughly, thoroughly loved” the way we went about making defending our goal the first priority. I have been successful with attacking teams not defensive teams that can attack before.


League Winners pic on the pitch

The hangover of the night before kicks in after downing champagne supplied by the owners.
If any of you know the Italian lower leagues you will realise that the season is not quite over.
I now have some supercup game. This is Vs AC Siena.
I must go I have a bus to drive 😉