A big shot or massive gamble?

Breaking News from the last post – Hernan Crespo has taken the top job at PSG.

After a summer of speculation from a host of teams vying for his signature. Hernan’s head was eventually turned by French mega bucks Paris St Germain.

He had been left frustrated after the board had refused to spend money on improving the youth and 1st club facilities. He had also become very frustrated with the way the club had conducted it’s business with the Steffen Jensen transfer from Fc Midtjylland for £33m. Hernan had thought the deal could have been done much cheaper and that the amount of money spent on such a young player was ridiculous, especially when it directly impacted his transfer budget for players of his own choosing.

After an interview with Serie A rivals Lazio in the summer and invitations from a number of other clubs. Hernan had made his mind up that his time at Modena was to end.

Lazio came and offered its history for one of it’s former players along with great promise from the youth development of Lazio’s academy but their offer fell short of financial clout to be able to convince Hernan that they could compete with the likes of Inter, Juventus and Modena themselves.

Then the world of football saw some odd events. First the great Italian manager Carlo Ancelotti was sacked from Barcelona. The rumours circulated that Hernan was there man but instead they plumped for Max Allegri. This then created a gap at Chelsea. Who moved swiftly to replace him with Zinedine Zidane. This then led to another gap in Spain, this time at Real Madrid. Who in turn took Jurgen Klopp from Liverpool. The Liverpool job was then taken by Pep Guardiola. The Manchester City job was then available. The media had declared that this would be the ideal move for Hernan Crespo. However, they had decided the experience of Unai Emery was what they needed. Thus creating the PSG opportunity.

Where does this leave Modena? Modena plumped for ex Milan/Italy legend Franco Baresi.

PSG in a nut shell.

The club have given Hernan Crespo financial backing to improve the squad, and would like him to involve and develop the youth players of the club. along with playing attacking football.

As with any new venture, the club also required new threads. These beauties have been supplied by Oliver Jensen aka @fmfutbolmanager. The new kits have been designed to help celebrate the club’s 50th year since it’s formation.

PSG New Kits

Modena Approach.

Franco Baresi has been brought in to take the club in to unchartered territory. The Champions League. His experience, knowledge of the game and legendary reputation is hoped to make sure the club stays in Serie A, perform admirably in the Champions League and help develop not just the young first team, but the ever improving staff and facilities at the club. It is thought Baresi will continue the clubs ethos of attacking football with youth.

The club will be wearing the current kits supplied by Paul @FMU_tv. There is hope a new deal with the current supplier can be reached. However, the fans still love the merchandise that is on offer.


This has now updated where and why Hernan has left Modena. And where Modena have gone with their belief they can compete in the big time.

I will now look to work out how I split my time viewing the development of Modena FC and the career of Hernan Crespo.