Same old Fenix – New Direction

Franco Baresi joins Modena Fc from his director role at AC Milan. The appointment is one that sees Franco take the Director of Football role rather than the “Manager” role. He will assume the role with former Sporting Lisbon Coach and former Roma and Benfica Assistant manager Miguel Quaresmsa as Head coach.

With the two men the roles have been set and the responsibilities have been drawn. Baresi has outlined a playing style that is to be played throughout the club from the under 18’s, under 20’s and the 1st team. He will be responsible for bringing in playing staff at all levels and will determine the levels of responsibility of each member of staff. He has been responsible for the hiring of Quaresma and pretty much runs the club except for one major thing. On match day he will not pick the starting eleven, or select the match day squad. Quaresma will be the man responsible for that task.

Football Italia – Why have you taken this role a Modena, one that is a risk rather than continuing your more relaxed role at Milan?

Franco Baresi – There comes a time in one’s life when you have to evaluate whether you are being stimulated enough in your role at a club. I felt that this is the time to give more to a club that needs assistance in the challenges they face. I also sort to challenge myself more, as sitting in the stand in the San Siro every other week was becoming depressing.

Modena have a brought a sparkle to Serie A and since Hernan has left the club. I though I would be the best man for the job. To not only continue where Hernan left off but to look to lay a firm foundation for generations of Modena FC. This club is still in it’s infancy but this baby will grow to be a powerhouse in the Italian landscape.

FI – Do you not think the club will struggle given the new fixture demands of Champions League football, Domestic league football and the TIM cup?

FB – We will be fine. The squad is full of youth, which has evolved in the last three seasons. Their development has been exceptional and I plan to continue the clubs ethos of giving young players the chance to flourish. With Miguel being the link between myself and the squad we believe our model will bring about the necessary kick for this club to go to the next level.

FI – Does the club have the financial backing to help you succeed?

FB – Yes. We have very wealthy owners, but it’s not about asking for millions of euros for a new Ferrari. It’s about using our resources wisely and developing the talent we have. Holding on to that talent and allowing them to fulfil their potential at this club rather than seeing them go elsewhere to stagnate. We have spent £11m on Alessandro Ahmetaj from Sassuolo. This kid has been on long term long with Modena since the reformation of the club. Have you seen this kid? He has the chance to be a legend at this club. He has shown the ability to be the man to pull this club through a result when needed. Or Rolando Mandragora, The club captain is 23. He is the playmaker of the club he makes things tick, whether he is in the middle of the park or even deeper in my old role of Libero. I could go on and on. But this side has the makings of a great side like the Milan sides I was fortunate to play in. This club and squad of players could be that good. That is why I want to pass on my experience to these boys. to give them the chance to write there own history.

FI – We are feeling your passion Franco, but what happens when, erm…. you know…. things don’t go so well?

FB – Then we get to see if these kids are men. And whether they really want to be considered greats of the game. Look I have not come here to fail. I do not fail. I passed my eleven plus, my drivers licence, my coaching licences, I have passed everything that has been thrown at me. We will not fail, I will not fail. Do you have anything worth asking? No? Good. Know let me get on with my job and come Sunday you will see whether we are good enough for Modena Fc.