This is England… Pt2

A FM18 concept save - This is England

So we’ve added the leagues we need for the save and we’ve found my best snap for the profile pic.


We’ve also asked some very respected graphic(kit) makers from the FM community to provide our kits in 2-D and 3-D. (A massive thank you to @FMAcidphire2185 & @FMU_tv) The 2-d Kits below by Paul are rather beautiful and are a tribute to the late Ray Wilkins who would have donned these threads during the 1982 World Cup in Spain.


How have you got on so far?

Erm…I haven’t really. I’ve reached 1st August 2018. I have seen one match involving Celtic. They had two English lads in the starting line up and to be honest they were awful. So unless they improve their individual performances I won’t wasting my time watching them again.

In other news I had two meetings with two young lads to chat to them about being nationalised, not neutralised. I initially thought balls to this. But then I thought these guys have some potential and may be these two could help light up performances. So after promising the world I can now say that these two have pledged their souls with the new England setup.Leon


Like I said I’ve not done much, anyway. I must get back to the Royal Wedding I’m sat between David and Victoria Beckham, the latter looks like she is proper pissed off with David for wearing sunglasses indoors. But hey, it’s David Beckham! If he want’s to go all Bono then let him.