This is England ~ The After Party

After Pty

Wow, what a way to start a Football Manager save! I have decided that this will be the save until the lights are switched off and the game it put in it’s shelf to go next to the last twenty plus years worth of Football Manager/Championship Manager games. ( I know, it’s crazy to think that I am in my mid-thirties! I know I look like I’m still in my early twenties. Lol.)

Pressconf3 This is a true alikeness of myself, the only difference is I wear spectacles whilst playing the game. 🙂

Lets start with this! ( We’ve been singing this for the last few days and it doesn’t tire!)

The celebrations.

We won the World cup! I am astounded as I never thought it we would get past the quarter finals. To get past Uruguay, Portugal and then beat Spain in the final. The journey with this band of players has been magical.


Not only that, but Terrance Trent Darby got Best Young player of the Tournament. He played a part in four games and scored against USA in the second round. Not bad for a Wing Back/Inverted Wingback.


Yet strangely in the “Dream Team” of the World Cup Terrance doesn’t make the XI. But we do have Leon Bailey, Jordan “Hendo” Henderson and Harry “Mags” Maguire to laud.


The Three stars noted by FIFA

Leon Bailey started in 3 games and played as a substitute in 2 other games. He contributed with 1 goal against Algeria in the groups and 1 assist against Spain in the final.

Jordan Henderson started in 5 games and played as a substitute once. He scored what would become the winning goal against Spain in the final. And gave a POM performance in the final too.

Harry Maguire started in six games. He contributed with two assists during the games. One in the win against Saudi Arabia and the other in the win against Algeria.

So How Did the Three Players I Had Listed as my Three to Watch Do?

Jamie “Reg” Vardy – He started two games and came off the bench in two other games. He scored one goal against Algeria and the two goals against Portugal in the Semi Final. He also provided an assist in the final. Despite limited minutes on the pitch due to a slow recovery rate, Vardy did provide the impact we expected of him. Through his goals, assists and general work rate in the games that he played in.


Dele Alli started in four games and provided an assist against USA. The Midfielder contributed with his accurate passing and bite in the tackle. The latter did go against him as two bookings lead to Alli being suspended against Uruguay. He could have played in the final but missed out to Henderson due to his slower fitness recovery rate.


John “Bitter” Stones started five games and came off the bench in one. John played in all but one game during the campaign (he missed the Algeria game to allow him to rest). He did not set the world alight. He played as expected for a player who was asked to play as a Libero and does not have the right level of training set up for him to learn the position at his club. If his club had him learning the position and had him learning some other PPM’s I believe John could have played in the position with greater influence. This has got me thinking about how I can look to influence the players that are in the England pool. (Another topic possibly).


What next?

I believe finding a club is on the horizon. I would like to remain in charge of England and look to be at a club with a strong youth set up, either in the Championship or Premiership.

I’ll update again once I have been successful in getting a proper paper round or if unsuccessful I’ll just update you with the next England fixtures.

Until next time! adios amigos.