An Idiot Abroad – Silly Season


We enter the whacky period that happens every season. A time when all planning can go out of the window in the space of a month in FM time. That period is the “January Transfer Window”.

I have written in my note book to not sign a single first team player, unless we sell a player. As I prefer to have a happy house in order i.e. the less changes I make the less disruption to the team dynamics.

As I type we have accepted a loan offer for Luca Germoni (our back up Left Back). I hope he can gain some first team match time with Sampdoria before we decide whether we keep him or look to offload him in the summer (In year 2022).

We’ve also had loan offers for the misfiring forward Federico Bonazzoli. AC Milan have been tracking his performances and have offered him first team football for the rest of the season. The other team to offer Bona first team football is table topping Napoli. Needless to say I have accepted the Milan offer but have turned the Napoli offer down.

We’ve also received a ton of offers for our promising young goalie, Michel Battista. Seen as he has been playing as our first team back up since Stefano Tarolli has been injured for the majority of the season I have rejected all enquiries. I will only allow discussion of the boys immediate future if we can finance a deal for our long term target. Gigi Donnarumma. Who at this stage we have not enquired about, well not since the summer when Milan Director of Football Antonio Cordon laughed at us down the phone, yet still found the words to palm Tarolli on to us.

As for other players in to Modena, we have been scouting the transfer listed Christian Eriksen based at Tottenham and PSG’s Manual Locatelli. Both are players I am keen to either buy or loan in if given the opportunity. But like I said earlier if they were to come in then somebody would need to leave.

As I progress through this update Bona says Ciao to the Alberto Braglia, will it be “Ciao for now”? Or will Milan take him on permanently? They have a £10.5m optional fee clause in the agreement so if he does manage to find his form of old they could get him on the cheap. (Modena bought him from Sampdoria for £5.75m back in 2019.) So it could be a good deal all round.

Ciao to Bona

Halfway through the window and we find ourselves in a bidding war for 17 year old Perugia starlet Stefano Meda.


The midfielder has the potential to be the next Demetrio Albertini, if you’re under the age of 25 ask yer’ Dad. With Inter and Juventus baying for the boys blood we leave it to Walter Sabatini (our DoF) to seal the deal. He offers and matches the transfer fee of £3m which Juventus had offered. Inter thought they were clever and only offer half of that, which ruled them out. After chatting with the boys agent I tell him we can offer him game time off the bench. I then gave Walter the nod to show Meda what we could offer him for completing his A’ Levels and dropping is paper round at Perugia. We then stepped back and awaited his decision.

Welcome MEDA

The promise of sweets and fizzy pop were enough to tempt Stefano to join the Phoenix Club rather than the Old Lady.

As my break in the Dolomites continues, the two week winter break, we then see Manchester United throw a lot of money in the direction of Atalanta for the signature of Christian Capone. £46m rising to £60m…..I’m keen to see if he plays many games for them as they boast a striking line up of Rashford, Martial, Dolberg and Icardi. I don’t see where he’ll fit. As you can see I’m a little annoyed as I have been scouting this lad since the beginning of the season and was hoping to see if I could launch a bid in the summer as he had scored 20 goals in 20 league games for Atalanta.

Man UTD Money

Another notable transfer was Barcelona’s acquisition of Guido De Haan a newgen from Dutch club Feyenoord for £15.25m This guy has been marked by the club’s scouts for ages as mustard. Unfortunately the club went in the Argentine direction for Thiago Almada in the summer, who has yet to fully settle to life in Italy. I see Guido being a superstar in the not too distant future if he is given the game time to flourish. (Any good? @MerryGuido )One for Guido

As the days past and the intensity of media speculation swelled we then plucked up the balls to put some teasing offers in to AC Milan for Gigi Donnarumma. We also put some loan offers in for the two players mentioned earlier, Christian Eriksen and Manuel Locatelli. To my surprise Tottenham and PSG took a bite of our bait and excepted our loan offers. Locatelli is cup tied for the Champions League, so will offer a world class presence for our challenge in Serie A. Eriksen however, will be added to both the league and Champions League squads and will bring a cool calm nature to attacking midfield. I am hoping we can convince Eriksen to a permanent deal as I can see him being the perfect link for Pellegri and a suitable player for Almada to learn from in training.



With time running out and Mourinho moaning about how little funds he has had to play with, compared to Bill Gates. We put a loan bid together to get our January target. Milan take there time and mull it over. I was expecting a “come back in the summer when we have bought a replacement” message to be sent by email from the Milan DoF. Instead we  had the boy chatting to Sabatini in the Little Chef off the E35 near Parma within an hour. Our January shopping is now complete.

With Gigi’s name up in highlights we can hopefully mount a challenge to Napoli for the Scudetto. And to progress the club further than it’s ever ventured in Europe.


Join me next time… Will we mount that challenge to Napoli for the Serie A crown? And how far can you get in the team bus without the club’s credit card in Europe?