Modena Man – When is the right time to call it a day?

Stadio Braglia

Hi folks. Its that time of year again. When we start to here more and more about the next game in the Football Manager (Championship Manager – depending on how old you are) franchise. Where snippets of game details are drip fed by SI Games to us, the FM community, who wait impatiently for its release. It’s also that point of year where if you have canned your game playing time of the current release you start to feel the burn and look to have a well earned rest from the blurry eyes in front of the laptop.

Me, I have plodded along at my usual steady pace. In fact I would say I’ve even sped up a bit during the course of this year. My problem has always been the desire to play as more than one team, so I end up doing multiple saves and end up getting my notes mixed up and then losing interest. My interest was at times tested. I started with a beta save which I used to understand the match engine against an old tactic (An Idiot Abroad – Is form temporary and class permanent?) I originally devised the tactic in FM16, pushed it into FM17 with great success as AC Milan. Then attempted to use it as Sassuolo in FM18. The tactic being the Libero Quest aka a 5-2-2-1. I kept on flicking back to see how my teams would fair, generally I opted to use other tactics I had come up with that gave me more success.

I then found myself doing a Nottingham Forrest / Old club back in the big time style save. The rise of the sleeping giant – Nottingham Forest Football Club. This was set-up as a community poll where a number of sleeping giants were put forward in to a ballot and Forest were drawn. I initially looked to revise the Libero tactic but found great difficulty in finding stability so ended up playing with a 523 or 343 tactic. Which gave great success but in my naivety I hadn’t realised I had stumbled upon the tactic/formation that had the match engine on its knees. Once I discovered this fact I felt some what cheated in what I had done and therefore required counselling and time away from the game.

My time away (a few hours) brought about stimulated thoughts of wanting a challenge and wanting to play in Italy. Rise of the Fenix – FC Modena Which is where the beginning of my current save was conceived. If you read through the entire Modena series you’ll realise I had some identity crisis issues. Which came about after starting the This is England series. Which gave me the balls to play the game as me rather than a character. (Weird I know but for years I have always looked to bring old players in to the game who are not current managers and see how I do in that way.)


Unarmed and no longer behind the mask (Well I kind of kept the mask!) I completed the World Cup save of This is England series (again read it, you may find relief in how well we did in the World Cup). I then had this urge to use my self in the game at Modena, which is where I have remained in playing time until right now.

I now sit wondering whether to have another (cheeky) season or to do what I have never done before which is formulate plans for the next game. Hmmmmm!

I can hear some of you read this and think “well do a bit of both!” I’ll explain in my next post why I am not sure and what happened in the last season that I have played as Modena.

Ta’ra for now.