Werd Up! – It’s a Beta thing….

Hello, How are you all? Finding your feet with the new features? 

This little update is to gauge mine and your understanding of what I am currently doing in FM19.

I have chosen Werder Bremen for my team in FM19, this is initially to be a “beta” save to allow me to understand the game and its new feature before working on a long term save when some of the English lower league databases begin to surface.

Why Werder?

I have no connection to the club, I have not played as the club before, in fact before selecting them and doing some research I couldn’t have said much about the club. 

The only thread I have of them is that they wear green and white, and back in 2009 I bought a pair of green Nike Werder socks because the Sunday league side that I played for at the time wore the same coloured kit and I needed some socks as most of the team kit had become few and far between and socks are usually the first thing that gets “lost” when playing with a Sunday League side. (That and matches). 

Green socks. Its the only link.

Really, Why Werder?

Ok, so aside of the socks.

I was watching a Bundesliga programme on BT Sports last week and the feature on it was Claudio Pizarro and his clear love of playing in the Bundesliga and love of playing for Werder. At the start of this season (2018-19), he would have signed for the club on four separate occasions. Honestly, I’m not taking the “piz” four times.  He first signed for Werder back in 1999, he then moved on to Bayern in 2001, Chelsea in 2007. Back to Werder in 2008 (initially on loan) then permanently in 2009, to Bayern again in 2012, back to Werder in 2015. To Koln in 2017 and now he is back in die Grun-Weissen of Werder Bremen.

So, What’s the plan?

I have nothing set out in a plan of such. I just want to use the save as a learning platform. I will write with future posts concentrating on tactical use, playing personnel updates from the original squad and highlight the results of the season that is played. If this save does become more than a learning tool, I will then update with progression posts.

Danke for your time I’m off to do a bit of ……taking the piz