A BBT (Brooklyn Beta Thing) – Werd Up!



Herzlich Willkommen, und ich danke Ihnen, dass Sie mich zu meinen ersten Schritten in das Leben in DeutschLand und das Leben als Werder-Manager beigetreten sind.

Despite the language barrier I have been using my time constructively. From getting lost on the streets in Schnoor in the Altstadt to eating street food from the Bremer Marktplatz.

But that’s not what this is about. So back to the football(manager).

I joined the club at the start at the start of Preseason in 2018. The club had acquired the playing services of a number of players in the first team squad before I joined (pre-agreed transfers).

Niclas Beste a left back from Dortmund for £225k

Nuri Sahin a defensive midfielder with great passing ability from Dortmund for £900k

Felix Beijmo a right back from Djungardens (SWE) for £2.7m

Yuya Osako a forward from Koln for £5.5m

Kevin Mohwald a central midfielder from Nurmburg for Free

Davy Klaassen central midfielder from Everton for £12m

And Club legend Claudio Pizarro from Koln for Free.

If I have missed anyone from this list, I’m sure I’ll update you.

So, when I first looked at the transfer kitty and saw £3m for transfers I instantly thought I will need to work with what I’ve got. (Perfect for a short term save). 

My only inbound acquisition so far has been Patrick Herrmann a much-needed right winger from Borussia Monchengladbach on a loan costing us £70k/m.

And out bound, I’ve loaned Josh Sargent, a young American Striker, out for first team football to Magdeburg.

How am I going to play with Werder?

I am not going to reinvent the wheel. Or attempt to mastermind the annihilation of the match engine. I hope to use this time to learn how the new tactical elements work and understand what the new features do. 

By looking at the squad of players available I have two formations in mind. Firstly a 4141 formation and a 442 formation.

The 4141 formation has been chosen to highlight give balance between attack and defence.


The key positions of this formation are the Defensive Midfielder and the two advanced wide players.

The defensive midfielder will be set to DLP and defend. The idea of this is that we want this player to be the main pivot of the side. I want the ball to flow to him, so he can start our attacks. I also want him to not drift too far out of position so that he can add to our defensive numbers when under opposition pressure.

The Wide players are key to the formation as the right winger is to hold wide and provide teasing crosses into the box for our forward, left inside forward and other supporting players. Pace is a key attribute for the right winger. The inside forward on the left has more licence to roam than his right sided team mate, he has the instructions to provide attacking support to the lone striker.  The positions and roles of these roles will be kept to this script due to their importance. Other roles in the tactic may alter to the individual playing in the position and the opposition faced.

The secondary formation of 442 will be used when my key defensive midfielder is out of action. The tactic may be used with his understudy but if matches start to drift away from us. The 442 will be deployed. We have four decent strikers, currently fit and in the first team squad, with Aron Johannssen out due to a long-term injury, Luc Ihorst a decent looking 18 yr old learning his craft in the under 21’s and Josh Sargent who is now out on loan, who are not even on that list. So, with this abundance of attacking arsenal and more it would be daft not to have something in the locker in order to use some of that strike power. As yet I am not to sure of the positions, roles and preferred personnel. (If I can get a Volante on that pitch I may have a more balanced tactic here in my opinion, I may have to dig beyond the first team for one of those!)


You will also notice that we will be using one of the pre-set tactical philosophies, The vertical Tiki Taka. The notion behind this is that I want the team to keep the ball but be more direct with where they move the ball. I want goals to be scored on the end of an attack that has seen 20 passes. I don’t want to lose the ball on the halfway line after 20 passes and see the opposition counter attack our goal and weakened back line due to players being stuck in their transitional positions. Hence the reason behind the high press to use players higher up the pitch to harry the opposition in to a mistake. This also should allow our other players to get back into their defensive positions.

A quick look at the Pivot in question.

Nuri Sahin. Who doesn’t have the greatest injury record. But when fit will hopefully provide the goods in both defensive discipline and creative flair to our midfield when playing the 4141.


Danke for your time. I’ll crack on with more game play and update you shortly.