FM Brooklyn – Citizens Advice – Putting graphics into the game.


Hi, this post is centred around the putting additional graphics into the game.

Now there are many FM sites that have download packs on them that provide the user a wealth of goodies from Facepacks to Kit packs, from skins to stadiums images.  The notable sites that I use are listed below; *If I have missed any other big named sites that you know of add them to your list and let me know so I can add them to mine 😉

Fm Inside

Fm Scout



On all of these sites they provide a step by step guide into how you can add the download to your game.

With the current game only a few weeks old and with little game time under my belt I have recently been looking at making my game more personable for me which has not gone unnoticed by the few that do follow me on Twitter. (@FM Brooklyn) A few followers have asked where and how I have managed to do this and I think a few may be under the impression that I am stadium kit pack maker in my spare time. I am not by the way, but I can provide you assistance on how you can make your own graphic folders and put them into your game.

It has been through conversation with @FM Catenaccio on why I have put this post together. As he has asked a few times for assistance with putting some images in to his game. Not one to shy away from helping where I can I have therefore tried to produce a step by step guide on how to include your own images into your game.

Below I have included a few screenshots of some stadium images that I have added in to my own game.

Club Page



The guide….


In Football Manager, go to settings > preferences > interface and select the field that says “Show screen IDs in the Title Bar to assist skinning”


Exit back to the player/staff member/club/stadium you want to replace the image of and take note of the ID number. My example below shows I have found Old Trafford and the ID number highlighted is 680.


Find the image you want to use and save into your documents where you will find the image easily. I use my computer’s preset folder called pictures. When saving the image rather than calling the file “Old Trafford” call it the ID number you noted down earlier. In this case 680.

Do this for every image you want to use.

When you have the images you want to put into the game. Now copy and paste the image file into the folder I have provided called Stadium.  Now double check you have called the image name the same name as the ID number noted earlier. Below shows I have added the file 680 to the stadium folder.


Next Open the XML file otherwise known as the config file. You can open this by right clicking on your mouse then scroll to open with and then choosing an XML file reader of your choice. (I use notepad as I am old school and remember using this when my Amiga 500 was my main computer for playing games.)


Once in the XML reader you can then see what the config file is reading.

Notepad 1.jpg

From here we will simply copy a record line and paste on the line underneath. And we will edit the two ID numbers to match the image we have in the folder. Our example is 680. Once you have added and altered the lines you wish to add hit save in the XML file. Below I have highlighted the change that I have made in Notepad.

Notepad 2

Now you should put the file/folder within the filepath the suits your operating system. (like you would with the big download packs).

Windows OS users:
C:\ Users \ <username> \Documents \Sports Interactive \Football Manager 20xx \ graphics \

Mac OS users:
/ Users / <username> / Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 20xx / graphics

Once this is complete, go to your settings > preferences > interface and clear cache. Reload the skin (in Preferences) and the player/staff member/stadium/trophy images should be installed.

When you wish to add other images at a later date all you need to do is follow the step by step guide but rather than adding a new download folder all you need to do is open your existing one and add the image in to there.


**My image has not loaded? Two things usually prevent new images from being added to the game.

Firstly have you noted the correct user ID number for the thing you wish to alter?

Secondly, have you used the same ID number for the image and the XML file?

If yes to these have you cleared cache and then gone back into preferences to reload the skin.

If it does not work from here, have you got other graphics packs that you use and does the thing you’re altering have an image from this pack? If it does you will need to delete the record line for the ID you are trying alter in that other graphic pack (do this in the XML file reader that you use, and make sure you hit save). Then repeat the clear cache reload skin stage.

You should now see your image in the game.


The steps used can be applied for all graphic that you wish to add. I like to keep things simple and organised by only using folders for specific graphic types so Stadium for stadium images, face for face images etc. This way it is easier to store or add to when you wish.

I have added the Stadium folder mentioned in the guide for you to use as your base folder. Just hit the download link below. If you do have any questions do not hesitate to ask.