Howay Bairns! – Newcastle United *2003/04 DB

Welcome to silly time! I have decided to take on an alter ego for an alternative save in Football Manager 2019.

The year is 2003 thanks to the Mad Scientist, Beyoncé featuring a young Jay-Z is number one in the charts with Crazy in love. And something has happened in the North East. Newcastle United are under the ownership of Freddy Shepherd and Mike Ashley is still flogging carrier bags for a pound out of a few sports shops. But more importantly, Bobby Robson has called it a day and got the board to take on another local lad.

Please let me introduce Mr Keith Fitt!

Photographers snap shots at the top steps of St James Park. A bullish crowd has formed with intrigued fans and journalists.

Howay Bairns! Thank yee, thank yee!

Keith speaks into the microphone

Keith then says “Im excited te tyek ower frem Sir Bobby. It’s an honour an a privilege te be the new manager of The Toon!”

Journalist from The Chronicle

What is your experience in the game? We have never heard of you!

Keith’s response – “Aa’ve been playing footie fre thirty years gadgie an lad . So Ah knaa what Ahm taakin aboot when it comes te kicking this thing arooond.”

What will you bring to Newcastle? – Journalist from The Sport

Keith then say’s “Aa’ve got everything heor already! Me maam’s is arooond the corner. So apart frem me bus pass Aa’ve not had te bring owt today!”

What kind of football will we see? – Journalist from Durham Times

Keith blankly says ” a roond one!”

Keith then gingerly asks “Is tha aal? Aa’ve te get back hyem an check on Kes!”

Keith then slowly walks down the steps past the surprised crowd and walks across Barrack Road to the nearest Bus stop. He then jumps on the Number 12…..

With Keith now introduced, I will look to take a look at the Newcastle squad and see where the squad could improve.

First off lets take a look at the starting squad. (See image below).

The notible players in this squad are Central Defender, Jonathon Woodgate. At just 23 years old Woodgate could go on to be a Toon legend. He has the mentality, and I assume he has the attributes. My only concern is how injury prone will Woodgate become. I sence I will have to carefully manage his training levels and game time.

Then there is Jermaine Jenas. JJ is 20 years old and is marked as being a wonderkid. He looks to have the world at his feet. I can only hope I can tap into his true potential.

My last player to highlight is Alan Shearer. An exeperienced striker with a keen eye for goal. Service for Big Al will be important if we are to make an impression in the Premier League.

They are some key players that I hope are stalwarts with this squad. I now need to assess where we need improvement. Looking at the squad image above I think I need better fullbacks either as better back ups to the ones we have at our disposal or to be first teamers and use the ones we have as backups. I also think I need a longterm replacement for Gary Speed. I will look to capitalise on the midfielder’s experience for now but I do think another good young midfielder to learn along side Gary will aide the club and it’s future.

Thank yee fre yer time. Catch Keith next time wi a brief update on any new players browt into the club an a tactical ower view of hoo Keith’s side will play.