Football Manager 2021, Manchester United is the Beta Save

Manchester is to be Read
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Football Manager 2021, Manchester United is the Beta Save.

Hello, welcome back to a slightly different looking me. I say me, I mean blogsite. Along side the slightly new look I thought I had better announce that I will be taking over at Manchester United. For a brief period of time during the course of Football Manager 2021 I will be channelling my inner Fergie.

This Beta Save will see me get back into playing the game we all love, albeit the new incarnation. It will also see me familiarise myself with the new key features of the game. Oh and fingers crossed it will also give me the platform to find my feet again with writing about the save and anything else interesting from within the game.

The other purpose of the Beta Save will be to give me a window of time to work out my main save. I still have ideas up in the air from doing a lower league save to a journeyman. All will be revealed when I know more.

Why Manchester United?

Firstly, I am a Manchester United fan. (Oh no there goes 75% of my Twitter following, which wasn’t big to begin with!). When I was younger and much more impressionable Liverpool were the champions of top flight football in England. (Hang on a minute! I have been transported back 30 years?). Manchester United were supported by an older friend of mine and an uncle. Most of my mates were Liverpool supporters. My first match at Old Trafford was in 1989 a drab 0-0 draw with Sheffield Wednesday. Not the most exciting present for an eight year old. All I really remember is the smell of the pub my uncle took me in before the match. And then the post match fish and chips, which I can only assume were bought from Lou Macari’s Fish and Chip shop.

Manchester United Logo

Secondly, Timing. The timing of this years beta release is similar to when Sir Alex Ferguson joined Manchester United from Aberdeen on November 6th 1986. What better way to explore the game with a few seasons of struggle. Or as Fergie had it “Three seasons of excuses and still crap! Ta-ra Fergie!”

Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson

Unlike the Football Manager “Fergie challenge” where you are supposed to start at a club positioned in the relegation zone on the 6th November, I will take the helm at the start of the first season. My sole aim in game will be to get the team winning, whilst I learn about how the game plays and what the new features do.

Here’s hoping I find the next Eric Cantona to inspire the Beta Save!

La King
La King

Failing that I will be relying on the kids!

Mason Greenwood and Scott McTominay are two of the current golden generation
Mason Greenwood and Scott McTominay

With the save in mind I have knocked up a few kits which I plan to use in the game. I have gone plain jane for the Home and Away. And then called in Bet Lynch to assist with the third!

Do you like the look of the kits above and want them for your game? Click on the link below.

Man Utd Home Kit

Thank you for your time. Why not share your save ideas with me on twitter and to help create a save idea for me.

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