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Il cammino di Torino


And well done for reading about the history of Torino Fc. I forgot to mention that there will be a test in this update so hopefully it all went in!

I arrive at Torino and can see that if I am to replicate the tactic or formation of Il Grande Torino then I am going to have to ship out a number of players that are not suitable, I may look re train one or two of the younger players if they are capable and I will also look at bringing in players who are suitable to the demands of the tactic.

Below is a picture of the WM formation that the Torino team of the 1940’s used. And further below is the same tactic but in FM19. I will initially look to implement the formation then work out what works and doesn’t work whilst playing as the under 20’s manager. I will look to push the same tactic to the first team, however, I have not yet worked out the time scale of when I will use this in competitive games. I part of me is cautious to force too much change whilst the team is in such a good position in Serie A. But at the same time I would like to change things to reflect the WM formation as soon as possible.

The WM Formation
The WM formation in FM19 with Torino Under 20’s

The squad does have some well known players but there are also a number of youth players that have either been brought in from other clubs or have come through the youth setup.

The squad boasts of youthful home-grown riches such as Massimo Dell’Anna, Giampiero Balan and Michele Allegra. I also notice that the club have just sold Alessandro Silvestri to Man City for £72m!!! My aim will be to build the team around them. As I would like to tap into the famous youth system with the players of the youth teams commonly known as the “Balon boys” after Adolfo Baloncieri. Baloncieri played for Torino between 1925 and 1932 and upon his retirement has been noted as responsible for the development of the Torino youth system.


A sneaky peek at the current squad.


Looking at what is here I will need to bring in some good defensive midfielders who are good at the Halfback/Anchor roles. I need to look at the rightback position, Goalkeeper, along with then making sure the squad has more depth. I’ll also look to ship out players that don’t quite meet the grade.

Before I head off to work out how I am going to get this WM formation to work in Football Manager I must say I love this FM community. I would like to thank @Requestakit for making such beautiful Torino FC kits.


He had made them originally for someone else but after hearing that I had switched from West Ham to Torino made a point of informing me that he was due to release these kits. Thank you Sir, I am very grateful. (If you do require a super looking 2d kit for your save do not be afraid to ask him, I am sure you will not be disappointed with what he can create).

On that bombshell I will say Ciao for now!

Wait! Wait!!

I forgot to leave you with a question!

Who was the football manager that owner Ferruccio Novo put in charge of the team in 1939?



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