True Identity – A Journeyman Adventure – Maltese Beginning.

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True Identity - A Journeyman Adventure - Maltese Beginning
True Identity – A Journeyman Adventure – Maltese Beginning

Who Are You?!

Press Conference Room – Sirens Stadium.

Flash! Flash! Flash! The one cameraman gains the close-up pictures of Sirens FC Chairman, Mark Borg Hedley, and newly appointed unknown temporary manager Jean-Pierre Blanc. The pair were behind a desk with a microphone fixed in the middle. TV and other media were chasing the hottest scoop in Maltese football following the announcement that Steve D’Amato had taken time away from the game to look after an extremely sick relative. Not sure how we got here? Go back to my intro post to be enlightened.

Maltese Sport correspondent Alicia Quink was going through the motions in what was a mild scoop for the leading lady in Maltese sport journalism.

AQ – ‘Where has Jean-Pierre come from? We have no idea who he is.’

MBH – ‘JP has been an understudy of Steve’s over the last few months, he has an incredibly good knowledge of football and has been of great assistance to Steve and the boys in that time. It is an appointment based on trust from within the club that JP can continue the good work Steve has started. JP knows that this is for the short term and that when Steve is back, he will go back to being Steve’s number two. I have seen what JP can do first-hand and I know we are in safe hands.’

AQ – ‘How do you feel Jean Pierre?’

JP – ‘I am raring to get our first game underway. I’m keen to see Sirens excel while Steve is away from the group.’

The camera flashed again. At that moment, the newly named Jean-Pierre had a flashback to a moment when he had been in the public eye before. He had been in the situation before. Answering questions from the media. Answering questions about how he felt. His mind then came back to being in the room. His focus was back on Alicia Quink. Quink was an attractive woman, with red hair, her figure was slight, her personality was punchy. She was biting the top of her pen, staring at Jean-Pierre with great interest. Was it this mysteriously positive feeling around him that allured her to him or were these feelings lust over the hansom stranger?

AQ – ‘Are you prepared for what could be the whole of the season in charge of Sirens? And what are your expectations on the squad?’

JP – ‘We’re very prepared and I’ve been with the squad long enough to know that we have the quality to meet the targets Steve has set us. To progress further into Europe is one aim along with being competitive in the Premier League.’

The Malteser – Sirens FC

Sirens FC were founded in 1968 albeit under the original name of St Paul’s Bay Team. The club spent large periods of their time in the lower leagues of the Maltese football league. In 2018/19 the club celebrated their fiftieth anniversary by becoming the Maltese First Division champions. After their first historic promotion, they went on to secure European football by finishing fourth in the Maltese Premier League during the 2019/20 season.  

The Journey Begins

The beginning of this journey has now been set. Our man “Jean-Pierre Blanc” will lead Sirens FC, who are in the Maltese Premier League. The hope is to be as successful as possible to be able to move on to the next step of the journey where we will seek to understand more about Jean-Pierre Blanc. From whom he really is, to why he was found for dead in the Mediterranean Sea, and beyond.

The first job was to sort the kit out. With the club not employing a kit man, we had to put an order through the league, and we got the below processed, to be used in all competitions. (The league decided against promoting the No Frills brand on our third kit).

Next was to assess the squad and see where we did not need to upgrade. A call had been put in directly for out of contract Ivorian unknown, Yaya Toure. He came in on trial and then somehow excepted a weekly wage of £250 and the promise of a big birthday cake being made for him. He was sold on the idea of jellybeans and other candy being in the middle of the cake, along with the seven-tier cake having a bright and colourful exterior.

Our season kicked off and stalled in one swoop through the opposition having greater quality across the park. That opposition came in the form of Motherwell. A hattrick from Callum Lang, would end up being more than enough to see the Sirens stuffed and out of Europe at the first qualifying round.

The focus had become a more local one. To do well in the league and to get to the final were the words muted from the board. They; had been given their five minutes of fame and the much-needed Euros from the murdering off Motherwell. All I had to do was keep my promise to Yaya and hope Mifsud and co could be lead through hoops to perform in what was their second season in the Maltese big league.

The kick in the teeth was what we needed. It not only prompted a 15-match unbeaten streak in the league, but it also nudged me enough to search out Tomer Yosefi. Tomer, came from Israel through Hapoel Be’er-Sheva. The midfielder would add energy mobility to Yaya’s experience eye for a key pass.

Tomer Yosefi, loanee from Hapoel Be’er-Sheva

The loss which came just before Christmas, was to the hands of title rivals Valletta, whom themselves were on a strong run vying for the top spot.

Not sure why we lost as we were in a rich vein of form!?

Our hick-up then prompted us to then go on another run, a run of a 12-match winning streak. The best of the bunch was a 4-0 win against Sliema in the FA Trophy Semi-final. The big win would put us in the final to face the newly relegated Liga Athletic. Who were looking to see their final experience as a chance to see the brighter side of life, following a dismal season in the Maltese Premier League.

The wind up of the season saw Sirens tiptoe around some mixed form to not only win the Fa Trophy, but to win the domestic double. The final league table would see Sirens finish 17 points clear of second placed Valletta.

Final table standings for Season 2020/21 – Maltese Premier League.
The FA Trophy run – Maltese FA Trophy Season 2020/21

Thank you for reading this post, join me next time when the journey may take a new step. Ciao for now!

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