TS Sports – An Introduction to the Club.

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Welcome fellow Football Manager lovers. For Football Manager 2019 I have come up with another create-a-club story. Unlike last years create a club story which saw FC Modena rise like a phoenix out of the ashes of Modena FC who had gone into liquidation at the beginning of the 2017/18 season. (In real life they have since reformed (refounded) under new management and are now registered as Modena FC 2018 and play in Serie D. This years story will be semi fictional and based on a youth team that I last knew and played for as a kid back in the 1990’s.

The Team
That team is T.S Sports F.C.

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A huge thank you to @FMLogos_rocheyb for the fantastic new club logo. The badge is an update on the original. The graphic focuses on the coalmining history of the South Derbyshire area where the club is located. We also added the Latin phrase “Youth Club for all” this is based on a fundamental principle of the club. Which has historically provided a venue for all children over a wide range of age groups to simply play and enjoy football.

The History (to my knowledge)
T.S as they are also known. Were back in the day a number of boys teams in different age groups based in South Derbyshire. Run by a number of dads with lads in their respective teams. Headed up by two men. Two men who had crafted the initial idea to have a football team for their kids but as time past the one team spread to two and then three due to the number of local boys keen to be the next Ben Warren or Grenville Hair. (Look these two up in your history books and you’ll see that these guys came from the area and went on to play for club’s like Derby County, Chelsea, Leeds Utd and even England.)
Bob Barsby and Dave Hackett opened their football training ground doors to every child in the local area with the chance to play and enjoy football.

My own history with the team started when Dave would help coach the local Junior School’s football team. I was in the same school year as his youngest lad, which meant Dave was keen to help nurture this batch (year group) of players. From this Dave also had a Sunday boy’s team (TS Sports) for the same year group, which I also went on to play for. This year group eventually expanded as we aged a little and two teams at the same age group formed. My link later ceased in 1996 as went on to play for other local teams in my age group.

Despite leaving the side way back when, I would see Dave every now and then where he would always ask how I was doing and more specifically ask how my left foot was coming on. (Strange I know as my right foot would always feel left out of the conversation, despite it being my dominant foot. I was an on going project between a school PE teacher, Dave and another youth team coach, to get me to play with both feet. Back when wide midfielders were to stay wide and cross rather than cut in and shoot.)

The reason behind the save….
The main reason behind creating this save is that I had been made aware that Dave had been struck with the tragic news that he had a brain tumour. And had been given little chance of survival. Sadly he past away at the beginning of October this year (2018). Yet his legend of being such a kind hearted, generous and warm man along with the eternal link between his journalist work, religiously following and writing up match reports for Gresley (Rovers) in the local newspaper and his own dynasty of TS Sports FC which has seen hundreds of lads grow up under his (and Bob’s) guidance will live on.

There is a memorial page on Facebook and there have been a number of fundraisers for charity since and before his departure. Which have had there place in keeping his spirit amongst the TS Sports and local community.

With me no longer living in the area. And at the time not being able to make the fundraising football match in the summer or any of the other events, I have created the club in FM as my way of paying my respects.

The Kits. 

Back in the day TS Sports FC played in various kit colours but looking back at recent history the club adopted the colours of West Ham Utd, which was the club that Dave supported. (If you look closely you may see a local historical building within the third shirt. Ten points to anyone who guesses correctly) 🙂

TS Sports Homefm19abcTS Sports Awayfm19abcTS Sports Thirdfm19abcdef

New Team – Where do we start from?

So we have the team, the new logo and we have the new kits, What next? Which league are we going to feature the team from?

I have looked at a number of ideas and will be putting TS Sports FC in to level 7 of the English football pyramid. Why? Well firstly its not too far from the Football League. It also avoids the moral dilemma of sticking them in the same League as Gresley. Who are level 8. And would be deemed the club nearest local rival. I can see the game making the two either fierce rivals or rivals with benefits.

The save will kick off after the English Level 10 database is available from @TheFMEditor85, fingers crossed he can get all of the lower leagues sorted correctly and the lower level cup competitions working. And as soon as it is available I can then look to put the team into the game.

Notable notes of the created club/save…
The save will not feature anyone that played when I did nor will it feature any current players (to my knowledge). Not being the one to disrespect anyone, let alone getting someone’s attributes completely wrong. The save will only feature made up players (for TS Sports) from the start and any real life players that are already loaded up in the database. (Sorry, I’m not going to write in the TS Sports squad from 1992 or the TS ’94 team. lol). I will feature in the game but not as a squad player only as the manager of the team within the save. The idea behind this is that I hope to present the personalities of the players in the team across during the updates of the game. However, I do plan to feature both Dave and Bob as characters in the game when posting updates.

Aims of the save… I have little penned as I would like to see if I can match the initial creative flow I have for the save. So I hope to be able to bring the players to life in some form during my updates. However, if the narrative becomes too much of a chore I may consider a different save/challenge. If I can last a few seasons with this I will consider this as a success as I think maintaining the narrative will be harder than playing the game.

Thank you for your time. In the next update I hope to start introducing to you some of the characters of the save.



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