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Following on from the introduction, I have been asked to undertake an interview for the clubs’ own TV and media channel (TSTV). Wish me luck…….


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(Picture of me, FM Brooklyn the new Manager of TS Sports FC)

(Me) Hi and welcome to Newhall Park. The training hub for TS Sports FC. Can I interest you in a frothy coffee?

(Peter Parker (Journalist for TSTV)) Yes, I’m gaspin’, spitting feathers even, cheers. How are you finding life back in South Derbyshire?

(Me) As you can see its early days and I’ve only been at the club for a week. Many of the background staff have been with the club for a while and have the community and clubs’ best interests at heart. My main target will be to get all the playing staff and background staff on-board with my methods. Along with trying to give my best impressions to TS faithful.

(PP) Do you believe you have the backing from the Chairman and Owner? I heard Paul Peschisolido was favourite for the job!

(Me) The facilities for TS Sports are cutting edge. And are based on the FA centre up the road in Burton upon Trent. I believe the owner and the chairman have had to do a lot to put this in place but look at it! It’s magnificent. If the lads can’t develop here, then maybe the ‘youth club’ is not for them. I am glad to be given the opportunity to lead the club in to the next chapter. I know I wasn’t first choice but maybe I’ll prove to be the better choice.

Here you go, any sugar with that?

(PP) Thank you, no Ta. And how are you getting on with the other members of staff here at TS?

(Me) Right, we have Ana Nova she is the second in command and is like a Sargent Major with the lads. She certainly puts the boys through their paces. Her international experience from the Women’s game will help us with technical side of the game along with her calm nature which will provide support to my lack of experience in the hot seat. Although, not too bad with a ball myself!

MGR_2 v2

(Ana Nova Assistant Manager of TS Sports FC)

We also have a specialist goalkeeping coach in Mike Inchcliffe. He has been around the block I’m told (by Ana Nova) and that he has been at the club for a couple of years ensuring his lad gets the breaks he needs to make it into the game, however, I’ve only been around him for a short period, but his expertise will serve the pool of goalkeepers we have greatly. I also think the boys and myself will pickup a lot from him during other sessions too as he is very professional.


(Mike Inchcliffe GK Coach for TS Sports FC)

And we also have a few other staff members although not everyone is in today. The others do have their nine till five to work through aside of supporting the club.

(PP) I hear the team support your appointment, how have you managed to get them onboard?

(Me) With the boys being semi pro too we’re only drafting them to training in a few times a week. But I’m hoping the quality of the sessions we put on now in preseason stand them in a good stead for the whole of the season. As for there support, I’m not sure, it is early days but hopefully they will learn that I am here for the same thing. To win games, have some fun and see where I am good enough for the challenge ahead.

(PP) How are you finding your new surroundings?

(Me) Just through there are the indoor pitches. When we’re not using them, you’ll find local schools and other youth teams use the facilities, this is one of the club’s streams of income. And over the back there, you can see the main pitch. Dave our owner tends to it himself. He won’t let anybody near the pitch unless it’s matchday! But to be honest the facilities hear are amazing. And I’m getting to use them all too, but hard work from everyone at the club will be the key to any success that we have, and hopefully I can install that trait into everybody at the club.

(PP) Have you had a chance to work out your starting eleven?

(Me) I don’t have eleven players that I want playing week in week out. We have a squad of very good lads that are a tight knit bunch. I will need ever single player of the squad to work hard and play their part during the season if we are to be successful. At this stage I have no favourites and I’m sure throughout the season I’ll have no favourites either.

(PP) I’ve grilled you enough for now Brook, I’ll leave you be. I can see Dave is on the pitch, so I will see if he has five minutes to spare for this week’s special.

(Me) No worries and thank you.


(Dave Hackett – Mr TS Sports FC)

(PP) Hi Mr Hackett, please can I have a few moments of your time?

(DH) Hi-yer son, what are you doing on the pitch? She won’t grow properly if you trapes over with yer clod hoppers like that! Get on the back of me tractor. You’ll do less damage up here.

(PP) (Climbs into the tight cock pit.)

(DH) What do you wanna know?

(PP) You’ve appointed Brook as your new coach are you pleased with the appointment?

(DH) Well as you know he wasn’t first choice for me. I wanted to cement the West ‘am link a bit more by getting Peschisolido but the bloke was unable to commit for the whole season. Something to do with the Stanley Cup and some Maple leaves. So, between me, Bob (The Chairman) and under writer (majority stake holder) Stan Lee we decided to plump for a local lad. We’ll give him a chance, but he’ll need to prove himself from the start. He knows all of this, so I expect him to deliver. If he is half as good as he thinks he is he’ll do alright, I know the boy from when he played here as a kid years ago, we should be in safe hands. Anyway, he has me as a guide so if he struggles at any point I’ll be straight back into the dugout!

(DH) I’m stoppin’ ‘ere so you’ll ‘ave to jump out. ‘ave yer owt else to ask?

(PP) No sir. I’ve got everything I need. Thank you.

(DH) Good, its tea time in the canteen and then I have the school in so I’ll be looking for the next Eddie Beans! Take care son.

Next time in TS Sports – It’s in the Game! We take a look at one or two of the players we hope will be key to a successful season.

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