TS Sports – Season 2018-19 – August 2018

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Aup Ducky! August has been a month of travel up North and it’s also been a month about the Beans!

In the last update I mentioned Jonno Greening and Scarborough. Well our opening fixture to our EVO-STIK Northern Premier League campaign was to kick off in Jonno’s hometown, Scarborough. The coach trip up the M1 and M18 was filled with optimism, songs and cheer. The lads had promised Jonno and the three new boys (Ben Hinchcliffe, Ross Finnie and Niall Wright) an initiation of all initiations after the match with Ross firmly believing that by singing his heart out on the way up to the match would somehow spare him of any wrong doing on the way back. 

The match itself was a tense affair with little for even the hardiest of journalist’s to write a good match report. It took until 81 minutes for substitute Lee Sticks to open the scoring for Scarborough’s former Hull wide man Will Annan to equalise four minutes later. The 1-1 result was a fair one upon reflection. 

Resident wind-up merchant/Party animal Jason Stamp set up the initiation challenge up. With the new boys begrudgingly saying they would do anything, and with no curfew on the lads, as one believes team bonding is very important, they hit the town, where Jonno first pointed everyone in the direction to the local sports bar where they would begin their challenge.


Jamie Stamp Centre Back for TS Sports FC

Within minutes Stampy had a pint in everyone’s hands (even the babyfaced ones that are not quite 18 yet).  And then had a food and drink challenge lined up for the four newcomers. It started with a pint of Lager to be consumed as quickly as possible, then to munch through a Mars bar. To do ten push ups.  Then a pint of cider, to be followed by three dry cream crackers and then do 20 sit ups. To be swiftly followed by a pint of bitter, which was followed with the tinned surprise (Stampy had bought four tins from the local Kwik Save and had taken the labels off, he had bought two tins of beans, one tin of Pedigree chum Beef in gravy (Dog food) and one tin of Whiskers Salmon in Jelly (Cat food). This was truly messy, as Ross and Ben got the pet food, and needless to say neither enjoyed this part of their challenge as both needed to use their bin that was next to them. To then do 30 lunges before washing down it all down with a pint of dirty diesel (Half cider/Half lager with blackcurrent cordial and a shot of Aftershock). Messy stuff, and the winner came from the old head of Jonno, who took his time through out all of the challenge. Finnie and Hinchy came a close second and third. And Niall is still struggling with the Mars bar!

The hangover cure was a home friendly on the Monday after the weekend. Stourbridge provided that much needed game to run off the hangover of the summer. We won 2-0 in a physical battle Karl Wright and Eddie Beans scoring for TS.

The second match of the EVO-STIK Northern Premier league saw us play Hyde Utd at home. This match had it all from an early lead from the visitors to Davies and Beans banging in three goals between them in a new look 442 formation. For Hyde to score in the last minutes of the game to make the match appear closer than it really was. We won 4-2 and now notched up 4 points in two games in the league.

The next three matches would see us take to travelling again. 

First to Whitby where the score line ended up 0-0 and the bag of chips for on the way home was more exciting than the entire match. Then we took a trip down the A5 to Stafford Rangers, This time our two wide midfielders enjoyed great periods of the game. Lee Sticks provided a lovey cross for Johnny Starr to bang in a cute volley. Stafford clawed us back just before the half time whistle and there the game practically ended. The result ended 1-1. The final game of the month was the furthest away, in Ashington, Newcastle. This would be our entry into the FA Cup. The Preliminary round of the FA Cup will be forever know as the Beans. All because Eddie Beans smashed a 23 minute hattrick either side of halftime. Ashington’s Zak Atkinson did score two for the hosts for Jon Davies to make the tie feel more comfortable. This away performance was exactly what we needed to hopefully shake off our stuttering start in the league and hopefully bring belief back to the boys once again.

I do believe the travelling had a major effect on the team performances in the two draws. I also believe the reason for the upturn in fortune in the league match was due to a change of playing personnel in the starting eleven, something I try not to do too often as it can lead to disjointed performances.



The major recruitment of the month has the distinct link of West Ham United running through it. First up was a very Parent Feeder link of TS Sports taking on loan Connor Coventry.

Connor is an 18 yr old Central Midfielder who was in the youth set-up for the Hammers. I had been tipped by Dave Hackett that this lad was not only very good at cleaning boots but he was also a very dynamic midfielder for a boy so young. With the owners’ seal of approval we leapt at the chance of signing Connor. 


Connor Coventry – On loan from West Ham

The other signing was Centre Back George Brady. George was highly recommended by his Auntie Karen. George comes with bags of youth development games under his belt but little first team exposure. He has played for both Chelsea and Sunderland. This was a deal that was completed by the owner. 


George Brady – Free Transfer

Thank you again for you time. In the next episode we talk about when September comes and fingers crossed we get to travel a little less than this month. 





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